New and Existing Clients

You can have a more profitable business and strengthen your bottom line when you choose Smith Rubin & Associates to assist you with handling your debt and collection accounts. We approach every new collection case and client project with a professional and ambitious attitude.


Thank you for looking to us for solutions to help you maintain the best
possible service at the best possible rates. We look forward to serving 
your business collection needs in the near future.


Our firm offers:


Personal Contact

Through our network of agents that live in the debtors community worldwide.


Contingency Basis – No Contracts or Upfront Fees

No fee unless account is collected or merchandise is returned.


Overseas & Domestic Service

67 Countries and all of North America.


NSF Check Specialist

Fax copy of front of check and we will do the rest.


Free Demand Service

48 Hour Fax Demand or 10 Day Written Demand.



Affordable and fast criminal records, civil records and background checks.


We will work behind your current Agency or Attorney

Second opinions behind your agency at no cost unless we collect.


Worldwide Legal Network Available

Staff Attorneys that work on a contingency basis – Only Filing & Service fees required upfront.


Credit Reporting Firm

We report to TransUnion who shares data with two other credit reporting sources.  This prevents others from making an unsound credit decision, cuts their credit losses and in some cases, is the reason for payment when the debtor is making a new purchase.


Lien Filing

We can file a lien before it’s too late.  Lien costs vary and are quoted individually. 



Preferred Rates




$10,001.00 and above:  20%                                                                                             

$1,501.00 - $10,000.00:  25% 


$251.00 - $1,500.00:  33%                              


Accounts $250.00 and under, over 1 year old accounts, second placements, “skips”, overseas accounts and accounts found to be out of business at the time of placement:  50%


Returned Merch./Canc. Fee:  10%


Special rates can be negotiated depending on factors such as placement amount and volume of accounts.




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